Document generation or documentation is one of the most important aspects of Salesforce as it acts as the best form of credibility for any operation that happens in an organization. Running an organization or a company can help you relate to it. There are many several contexts of document generation such as the closing of each deal, appointing a new employee, collaborating with a new partner, new contracts, thank you notes, daily-monthly-yearly reports of different departments, relieving an employee, analyzing each month’s business market, and many more. With each day having to record documentation for several important matters, it results in a bottleneck. 

So to end this problem of yours, we have come up with our latest baby, DocuPrime for Salesforce. After much contemplation, we have tailored this product in such a way that it is well-suited for creating business documents of any sort in Salesforce. Rather than following an aggressive approach of recording the documentation of every event up-to-date, with the help of DocuPrime, the Salesforce admin can have this job done with great ease and better accuracy. 

DocuPrime promises you that it will take away the most hectic job of document generation. This will result in you being more dynamic wherein you can invest your time in better planning and pioneering conceptualization. Having several competitors, below are some of the factors that make DocuPrime monumental from the others. 

  • Error-free Content

The most basic quality that a document should possess is that it should be unerring. With manual creation, there are high chances the document requires n-number editing and proofreading, which takes a lot of time. Apart from that, some important points to be added can be missed. But when it comes to DocuPrime document generation, it accumulates the data from different objects scattered in various fields of the Salesforce storage. With an error-free and crisp document, the chances of you landing that deal is 100%. 

  • Support E-signature

If you are drafting a letter or some official legal document, it is likely that you will need to attach a sign for validation. Wondering how you do it when your document is generated automatically? Our DocuPrime’s e-sign feature will support you to have your signatures as a part of the attestation through popular e-signs.

  • High-end Data Compliance 

DocuPrime adheres to the Salesforce data compliance policy. It concentrates on who accesses the documents that are being generated in Salesforce. It makes sure that only authorized users are allowed to access and merge Salesforce or third-party documents into DocumPrime. Also, automated documents carry a better win at business presentations and meetings because of their carefully curated content. Hence it is very important as to who views it or has access to it. 

  • Top-notch Data Security

Cybersecurity is at stake in a majority of cases. This has been one of the most sensitive risk elements that organizations and companies face on a daily basis. But you can stop worrying about this issue with the integration of DocuPrime into your Salesforce. With its feature of limiting the data, the chances of vulnerabilities to other desktops or unrecognized users are quite few. It’s nifty enough to place the documents in a single repository where the data delivery and permission are controlled. 

  • Consistent Marketing Plans

Generating good marketing plans is very much important for your brand or company to keep up with the changing marketing trends. Proposing an idea in writing by giving it the same impact as the carried-on thought process is not an easy task. But with DocuPrime by your side, generating a document with content and visual richness in combination with customized designs and templates, and several other choices is an easy-peasy task for you. It also facilitates modification from time to time as per the brand evolution. 

  • Expeditious 

At times you come under situations wherein you are to meet a potential client in an hour or meet a prospective partner for collaborations in the days to come. But what would you do when it comes to drafting a proposal or presenting a report? Fret no more. DocuPrime’s thunderbolt speed will get your documents generated in no time and will save you from all the troubles you would have to undergo if you chose to go through manual generation. 

So what say? I guess you are now pretty much on par with us for getting your documents generated automatically. Then DocuPrime is the best option for you. Come unleash your possibilities of skyrocketing your business with DocuPrime. Set up a call with our sales executive and get your business rolling.